‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

Gizmo and I have recently had a bit of an unscheduled break from blogging. I think it was a combination of my busy schedule with work, and personally being very run down. I guess it happens to everyone at some stage, but I just couldn’t face turning on my laptop. Apologies to Gizmo fans…! I hope ‘normal’ service will be resumed soon!? In the blogging holiday, I found … Continue reading ‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

Gizmo and his love of trees!!

There is no doubt in my mind, Gizmo is a natural climber?!! Indoors and outdoors, Gizmo LOVES to climb pretty much anything that he can get his claws into?! Thankfully, now that he can climb to his hearts content outdoors, he climbs my living room curtains less…! Phew!! The vintage curtains (that have seen better days) are getting a long overdue rest, as Gizmo seems … Continue reading Gizmo and his love of trees!!