My Furry Little Garden Helper…

It’s been all go in my garden since the weather improved a few weeks ago, and Gizmo has been supervising the human activities 😹 The humans have been drastically cutting the hedge in the back garden, reinstating the flower border in the front garden, and generally turning the wild garden back into a useable space…and Gizmo has watched it all unfold. He even investigated the … Continue reading My Furry Little Garden Helper…

Gotcha Anniversary- 6 years of chaos!?

Gizmo first entered my life on 13th Feb 2016, at the age of 5 months old, and since then he has trashed my house and won my heart… In fact, it’s hard to remember my life without him and the chaos that surrounds him! In the last 6 years, Giz has (thankfully) learnt to climb trees instead of curtains… …and learnt not to turn his … Continue reading Gotcha Anniversary- 6 years of chaos!?

What human job would your pet have and why!?

Gizmo clearly takes his responsibilities VERY seriously, and regularly checks the structural integrity of everything…?! (Mind you, it’s the first dry sunny day we’ve had this year, and he was keen to get out of the house and away from the humans in lockdown #3 I think!) If he was human, I think he would be a structural engineer or surveyor!? What job would your … Continue reading What human job would your pet have and why!?

😹 Gizmo – 1, Ducks – 0 🦆

Gizmo seems to be enjoying the new garden arrangement… The ducks are currently contained behind a short fence in the bottom half of the garden… 😹 Gizmo can jump in and out as he pleases, but the ducks can’t 😹 And despite the top half of the garden now being ‘safe’ from ducky attacks, Gizmo still keeps an eye on where the ducks are, just … Continue reading 😹 Gizmo – 1, Ducks – 0 🦆