Monday Madness…?!

Let’s be honest, many of us humans dislike Mondays…. But when you share your life with Gizmo, Mondays CAN be fun?! For example, today Gizmo has enjoyed playing outside in the Cornish sunshine, looking for squirrels on the bird table… And Gizmos Human has evicted the eighth mouse from our house in the past week… πŸ™„ Thank goodness for our amazing humane traps!!? I wonder … Continue reading Monday Madness…?!

Snowy Caturday in Cornwall!!?

Well, I would like to say the snow has gone from my garden… unfortunately its still here, but it is starting to melt… Giz keeps looking at me as if I have put the snow in the garden myself, on purpose, just to annoy him and stop him from doing his normal tree climbing Caturday activities… However, he is starting to look slightly happier today, … Continue reading Snowy Caturday in Cornwall!!?

“Snow Day – NO WAY!!?” Yells Gizmo

So, as I shared with you all yesterday, Cornwall has snow. To be fair, compared to other places in the world, our snowfall is pretty pathetic, but as usual, our dusting of snow brought almost the entire county to a standstill. People abandoned their cars. Kids were forced to sleep in their schools. Basically, it resembled ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ film but without the advanced … Continue reading “Snow Day – NO WAY!!?” Yells Gizmo

All work and no play…?!!

Recently, Gizmo has been a busy kitty. He takes his job for KittyKit VERY seriously, and he is dedicated to testing out new products for them each month! He LOVES his job!! He thinks he is the luckiest kitty in the world! (As Gizmos Human Slave, I’m secretly a little envious of Gizmos job..!!). He has also been keeping his paws busy reviewing his birthday … Continue reading All work and no play…?!!

Gizmo attempts to make friends with the next door neighbour…

Nine month old Gizmo is quite the explorer! He now regularly takes himself off for hours at a time, reappearing when its feeding time, or just before it goes dark. But most of the time, I believe he is in my next door neighbours garden… ‘Mr A’ as I will call him is a lovely retired chap, with a stunning garden. His garden is beautifully … Continue reading Gizmo attempts to make friends with the next door neighbour…