Better late than never…?! Christmas 2020 🎄🤦‍♀️

So here we are, in the middle of January 2021 and I’ve just realised I never shared the photos from Christmas Day… 🤦‍♀️ #HumanFail Gizmo was very lucky this year… On Christmas morning, he realised Santa had brought him his very own bean bag!! Admittedly, Santa miscalculated the sizing, as Gizmo is a BIT bigger than Santa anticipated 🤦‍♀️ but Giz was happy to snuggle … Continue reading Better late than never…?! Christmas 2020 🎄🤦‍♀️

Christmas Eve 2020

“Umm, Human… is there anything under the tree with my name on!?” Squeaks Gizmo. Nope. Not yet. Sorry Giz… Let’s hope you are on the ‘Nice List’ and Santa brings you something special…. I hope Santa feels lenient this year in terms of overlooking any bad Gizmo behaviour!? After all, Gizmo had his daytime routine destroyed when the humans entered Covid Lockdown #1 and were … Continue reading Christmas Eve 2020

Gizmo Got His Christmas Wish…

As you may have read in a previous blog post, our Christmas celebrations were dampened by Gizmos ill health and hospitalisation at Penmellyn Veterinary Hospital. (Don’t worry, thanks to the wonderful veterinary team, Giz is feeling MUCH better now and making good progress at home). Before Christmas, you may remember that Gizmo wrote a letter to Santa asking for a cat tree. Basically, Gizmo had outgrown his … Continue reading Gizmo Got His Christmas Wish…

Oh Christmas Tree, your days might be numbered…?!

For about a month, I have been dreading putting my Christmas Tree up. Hearing numerous horror stories from other cat owners, and seeing LOTS of photo and video evidence of cats demolishing trees and generally causing chaos, I will admit to having several sleepless nights worrying if my old (but faithful) tree would survive this festive season… Regular readers will know that Gizmo LOVES climbing … Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree, your days might be numbered…?!

Dear Santa, Please DONT read my blog… Love Gizmo x

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us. I cant believe how quickly this year has gone?! Gizmo has been making his own preparations for the festive season, by sending a letter to Santa, with some information on what he would like to receive this year?! As much as I think Gizmo deserves to receive his Christmas wish of a cat tree, I’m not sure Father Christmas … Continue reading Dear Santa, Please DONT read my blog… Love Gizmo x