It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

As the weather has turned colder in recent days, Gizmo has frequently been joining me on my bed each night. Although it can be annoying when he forces me to lie diagonally because he continues to move into MY space each time he turns round in the night, at least I know that he is staying out of mischief and keeping himself warm?! I love … Continue reading It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Recently, Gizmo celebrated his 2nd birthday! Compared to his first birthday, it was a low key affair!? The Human Slave was TOTALLY unprepared, so thankfully for Gizmo, The Natural Pet Toy Company jumped to Gizmos rescue and sent him three FABULOUS birthday gifts ANY kitty would love!!   Firstly, Gizmo opened the CatNip Fish Toy! He instantly fell under the catnip spell with this special … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

Gizmo and I have recently had a bit of an unscheduled break from blogging. I think it was a combination of my busy schedule with work, and personally being very run down. I guess it happens to everyone at some stage, but I just couldn’t face turning on my laptop. Apologies to Gizmo fans…! I hope ‘normal’ service will be resumed soon!? In the blogging holiday, I found … Continue reading ‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

Gizmos Valentines Surprise…?!

I never have any valentines day expectations, and this year was no different! I’m one of those humans that doesn’t look for big romantic gestures (which is lucky, as I would only be disappointed!!) but Gizmo seemed to take it upon himself to give me a surprise gift this year!? I guess he appreciates all the love and affection I’ve shown him over that past 12 … Continue reading Gizmos Valentines Surprise…?!