Close Encounter… 😳🐁

It’s been a while since Gizmo presented us with regular gifts, but in the last 48 hours, I think hes made up for it…?! Like many humans at the moment, I’m struggling to get a good nights sleep. Yes, it’s probably a combination of pandemic stress, work anxiety and generally not feeling able to relax, but Gizmo is not helping the situation… I start this … Continue reading Close Encounter… 😳🐁

“Where have YOU been Gizmo?!”

There are so many wonderful things that cats bring to our lives. The purrs when we are feeling down, the affectionate leg weaving when they want feeding, and the ‘gifts’ that the shower us with… (Some of us have gifts more regularly than we would like 🐦🐭) But there are times when sharing our lives with an adventurous cat can be less lovely; like when … Continue reading “Where have YOU been Gizmo?!”

Animals can teach us how to improve our lives…

This is a different type of blog post than Gizmos regular readers are used to. For once, this blog post doesn’t contain Gizmo doing something naughty or hilarious (don’t worry Gizmo fans…normal service will resume soon!) but instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to think about the human-animal relationship, what we can learn from them, and how we can improve our lives as a … Continue reading Animals can teach us how to improve our lives…

Assignment 3: Making Gizmo Calmer during the ‘Firework Season’

There are many things that can cause a cat to be stressed or anxious. Gizmo, for example, hates loud noises. Giz has always reacted to loud noises by hiding in the dark, under the dining room table. This is his ‘safe’ place, and when he takes himself under the table (which is thankfully now a very rare occurrence), we leave him alone until he is ready … Continue reading Assignment 3: Making Gizmo Calmer during the ‘Firework Season’