Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Life is like a rollercoaster; constantly changing direction at speed. One minute you are heading for the clouds, and the next you are plummeting towards the ground faster than your brain can cope with… On this ever changing journey, its easy to get swept away and lose sight of where you are heading, and what is important to you. This year has definately been one … Continue reading Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Introducing “A Black Cat Shop”…

Ah, August looks to be a very exciting month!! A few days ago, we were approached by a company who sell a range of cat related products, gifts and clothing, and they asked if we would be interested in working together… Now, I don’t always say yes when people approach me to collaborate – I have to genuinely like the products and the company! But … Continue reading Introducing “A Black Cat Shop”…

July adventures…!!

Gizmo is having a fun time recently…getting up to mischief?! He’s enjoying climbing trees……chasing squirrels……and releasing mice into our house (which I then catch and release again – we are now up to 20 releases in the past 6 weeks 😳)……and today he’s having a bonkers 10 mins in our living room, getting himself stuck upside down between the sofa cushions?!After this latest activity, he … Continue reading July adventures…!!

Monday Madness…?!

Let’s be honest, many of us humans dislike Mondays…. But when you share your life with Gizmo, Mondays CAN be fun?! For example, today Gizmo has enjoyed playing outside in the Cornish sunshine, looking for squirrels on the bird table… And Gizmos Human has evicted the eighth mouse from our house in the past week… 🙄 Thank goodness for our amazing humane traps!!? I wonder … Continue reading Monday Madness…?!

Feline Nutrition – Meat Content Matters!!

When it comes to nutrition, I have to admit, I used to feed ANY brand of cat food (usually whatever was on offer) to my previous cats. As long as the cats kept eating it, I would keep buying it!? But when Gizmo arrived in my life, things changed… You see, when Gizmo arrived with me as a 5 month old kitten, he was being … Continue reading Feline Nutrition – Meat Content Matters!!

*Gizmo Card Giveaway – Cat World Magazine*

I’ve been so excited about this bit of news for over a month…!! Now, I can finally share it with you! Gizmos Cards have been featured in the latest issue of Cat World Magazine! Massive thanks to the Team who have been incredibly supportive towards our small business ❤️ There is the chance for you to get your paws on three Gizmo cards in the … Continue reading *Gizmo Card Giveaway – Cat World Magazine*