Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Life is like a rollercoaster; constantly changing direction at speed. One minute you are heading for the clouds, and the next you are plummeting towards the ground faster than your brain can cope with… On this ever changing journey, its easy to get swept away and lose sight of where you are heading, and what is important to you. This year has definately been one … Continue reading Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

If your kitty is anything like Gizmo, they will climb and scratch EVERYTHING they can get their paws on?! Outdoors, Gizmo knows no limits…he climbs trees, and I mean REALLY high trees. Trees that are so tall, the branches move rapidly in the wind!! And yet, he climbs tall things at speed, and makes it look effortless. He frequently uses his claws to carve tree … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Recently, Gizmo celebrated his 2nd birthday! Compared to his first birthday, it was a low key affair!? The Human Slave was TOTALLY unprepared, so thankfully for Gizmo, The Natural Pet Toy Company jumped to Gizmos rescue and sent him three FABULOUS birthday gifts ANY kitty would love!!   Firstly, Gizmo opened the CatNip Fish Toy! He instantly fell under the catnip spell with this special … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Assignment 3: Making Gizmo Calmer during the ‘Firework Season’

There are many things that can cause a cat to be stressed or anxious. Gizmo, for example, hates loud noises. Giz has always reacted to loud noises by hiding in the dark, under the dining room table. This is his ‘safe’ place, and when he takes himself under the table (which is thankfully now a very rare occurrence), we leave him alone until he is ready … Continue reading Assignment 3: Making Gizmo Calmer during the ‘Firework Season’

Gizmo Reviews: Tillypops Toys

When the lovely Tillypops Team approached Gizmo to review some toys for them, I immediately agreed on his behalf… You see, Tillypops aren’t just another pet toy company, they are also raising awareness and money for Vasculitis UK in the process. As an award winning handmade UK pet toy company, Tillypops are quickly becoming well known across social media, and they have a widening range of … Continue reading Gizmo Reviews: Tillypops Toys

My Purrfect Gift Box Review – September

Oh wow, where do I start?! When the lovely people at ‘My Purrfect Gift Box‘ contacted Gizmo and I about reviewing the September box for them, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew the box would contain goodies for me, and a few special items for Gizmo, but I was totally astounded by how special receiving the box made me feel!!? Most subscription … Continue reading My Purrfect Gift Box Review – September