💰 Every Little Helps… 💰

As my previous employer would say, “Every Little Helps”… And this is so true when it comes to donations towards my London Marathon fundraiser in aid of Cats Protection. Donating £5 could supply 10 days worth of specialist milk to hand feed an orphaned kitten… Donating £10 could pay for bedding and a safe place to sleep for a cat or kitten… Of course, larger … Continue reading 💰 Every Little Helps… 💰

Gizmos Human Marathon Update – 21 March 2021

Since I started running, I’ve found there are good runs, runs I would rather forget, and runs that dont go to plan… and yesterdays run definitely did NOT go to plan. I managed to squeeze two short runs in the week around work commitments, but yesterday I’d planned to do my long run. In hindsight I think I pushed myself a bit hard on my … Continue reading Gizmos Human Marathon Update – 21 March 2021

Gizmos Human needs your help!!

There has been a slight change of plan for Gizmos Human Slave who is entered in the London Marathon… The race is still on… but its MUCH sooner than I originally planned?! I have some exciting/terrifying news… Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Cats Protection Fundraising Team offering me a place in the London Marathon on 3rd Oct this year because a space … Continue reading Gizmos Human needs your help!!

Gizmos Human is now one of the #CatChampions

Gizmo is forever having adventures, but now it’s the turn of his Human Slave to have an adventure of her own… As you may have guessed, Gizmo is the centre of my world. Having him in my life is my reason to get up and face each day. Even the days that I’d rather not face… He gives me reasons to laugh on a daily … Continue reading Gizmos Human is now one of the #CatChampions

Sitting quietly…

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective” Doe Zantamata Sometimes, just sitting, quietly observing the world, brings us the clarity we need to move forward with our lives. Or at least that’s what Gizmos Human Slave thinks… Gizmo, on the other hand, sits quietly to focus on the next object hes going to pounce on…. 🐁🐦🐿 What brings you peace and clarity … Continue reading Sitting quietly…

Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Life is like a rollercoaster; constantly changing direction at speed. One minute you are heading for the clouds, and the next you are plummeting towards the ground faster than your brain can cope with… On this ever changing journey, its easy to get swept away and lose sight of where you are heading, and what is important to you. This year has definately been one … Continue reading Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

The Snow Globe of Life…

I think of life as being similar to a snow globe… You know the ones…the magical looking globe ornaments, usually filled with a winter scene and glitter/snow particles, and when you turn them upside down the snow begins to move around in all directions, before settling back on the base. A perfect winter wonderland encapsulated in glass dome. It can look magical and enchanting, but … Continue reading The Snow Globe of Life…