Bullies in the backyard…

No matter what species you are, there is always someone who will use any opportunity to take advantage of someone else…and my garden is no exception!? Today, Gizmo was reminded that our pet ducks really are ferrocious 🤭 (and why I warn delivery drivers if they leave parcels on my back door step?!) Gizmo isn’t the only one to be attacked by the ducks today … Continue reading Bullies in the backyard…

Snowy Caturday in Cornwall!!?

Well, I would like to say the snow has gone from my garden… unfortunately its still here, but it is starting to melt… Giz keeps looking at me as if I have put the snow in the garden myself, on purpose, just to annoy him and stop him from doing his normal tree climbing Caturday activities… However, he is starting to look slightly happier today, … Continue reading Snowy Caturday in Cornwall!!?

“Snow Day – NO WAY!!?” Yells Gizmo

So, as I shared with you all yesterday, Cornwall has snow. To be fair, compared to other places in the world, our snowfall is pretty pathetic, but as usual, our dusting of snow brought almost the entire county to a standstill. People abandoned their cars. Kids were forced to sleep in their schools. Basically, it resembled ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ film but without the advanced … Continue reading “Snow Day – NO WAY!!?” Yells Gizmo

What a difference a day makes…?!

Yesterday, whilst the rest of the country was winging about snow, us folk in Cornwall had glorious sunshine! Fast forward 24hours and we now have the white stuff too…and Gizmo is not impressed. Giz does not like snow. Rain. Hail. Basically, unless it’s sunny with a gentle breeze, Gizmo is NOT amused!! He has just forced himself to go out for the quickest wee possible, … Continue reading What a difference a day makes…?!