My Furry Little Garden Helper…

It’s been all go in my garden since the weather improved a few weeks ago, and Gizmo has been supervising the human activities 😹

Gizmo supervising garden activities from the safety of the fence

The humans have been drastically cutting the hedge in the back garden, reinstating the flower border in the front garden, and generally turning the wild garden back into a useable space…and Gizmo has watched it all unfold.

He even investigated the offcuts of wood that were left after building a fence to keep Trevor duck from escaping!

But today, he decided to get more involved as I tidied my shed and gave it a spring clean…

He watched me lay my huge blue tarpaulin on the grass; allowing it to dry out in the sun. But surprisingly, he decided to ‘help me’ by weighing it down…

He had a few mins of chasing his tail, before chasing grains of sand that were on top of the tarpaulin and moving in the wind.

However, then he decided that the tarpaulin was now his, and he refused to get off! I started folding it to put it away in the shed, hoping Giz would take the hint and move off it…

But he didnt… πŸ™„

He just refused to move, even when I started folding the tarpaulin over him πŸ™„πŸ€£

Even folding the tarpaulin over Gizmo did not encourage him to move

I had to wait until he was ready to move before I could fold it and put it away completely 🀣

I’m sure we will have many more adventures in the garden this summer πŸ₯°

Gizmo looking handsome in the garden ❀

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