Feathered Valentines Revenge…!?

I went to bed last night wondering if Giz would get his revenge on me overnight… but when I woke up this morning, I was pleased to see he hadn’t been in my room all night!?

I woke up really early today, having not had much sleep, and feeling pretty tired.

I wasnt sure why I woke up so early, but when I walked into the living room, I think I worked it out…

I turned the light on and noticed some feathers scattered on the carpet… πŸ™„

It took a minute or two to find it, but on the floor was a bird. Sitting very still, and probably in shock.

Giz paid no attention to it at all, and I managed to transfer the bird into a shoebox where it will stay until daylight comes and we can try to release it.

Does this mean he forgives me for taking him to the vets yesterday!?

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