Valentines Day Revenge…!?

I dont know about you, but my social media feeds have been full of lovely images of love today ❤

Posts about love for special people and special animals have been so lovely to read, and I have to admit that I will also be sharing some Valentines love on my social media accounts before the day ends…

However, I’m not sure Gizmo is feeling the love today…

As I announced yesterday, Gizmo had his annual vet check and vaccination booked for today. Happy Valentine’s Day Giz!? Sorry about that, but as it is a rare day off for me, I decided to make the most of the opportunity.

When he woke me up at 3.30am by making some strange howling noise, I was initially a bit concerned, until I understood the cause…

It turns out that Giz had been caught outside in a torrential downpour, and he was telling the entire household, VERY LOUDLY, that he was soaking wet and NOT happy.

Anyway, his day did not improve when he was forcibly placed into the cat carrier and taken to the vets.

He squeaked at me for the journey, and yelled at me when we got into the waiting room. I felt like such a rubbish human…especially on Valentines Day.

And when we were called into the consultation room, Giz continued to squeak at the vet whilst exploring the room, and trying to get me to open the door so he could leave the room!?

He weighed in at 5.2kgs and the vet gave him a good checkup before administering the vaccine.

Giz then continued to explore the room, and sit on the chair. Even the vet commented at how talkative Giz is…!?

Giz tried tapping the door with his paw, but unlike when we are at home, his paw tap didnt cause me to open the door for him!

He didnt take much persuading to get back into his carrier, and soon we were on our way home. He was much quieter on the way home, thank goodness!! My ears were grateful of the peace and quiet!

I hope he has forgiven me for spoiling his day…?! 😳

Do I need to sleep with one eye open and wait for some kind of revenge, or am I safe to sleep peacefully tonight?! Only time will tell…

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