Do Not Disturb Gizmo!

Uh oh… Gizmos Human Slave is in the dog house today!?

I will admit, it’s been a pretty hectic time since the London Marathon, and my mind hasn’t been thinking clearly for a while for various reasons. I’ve been so focused on trying to regain control of my life that I’ve become a bit forgetful, I think it’s fair to say. But in the last few days, I’ve started to feel better.

However, yesterday I really messed up 🙄

The weather certainly feels colder, so yesterday afternoon, with Gizmo asleep on my bed, I ended up closing the window that Gizmo uses to go outside. Then I carried on with my day…

When Giz woke up, he walked to the back door and my dad opened it for him.

I thought it was a bit bizarre that Giz didnt appear just before I went to bed, but I thought no more of it…

I slept really well last night, but noticed that Giz hadn’t been in my room overnight. Even when I went into the kitchen this morning and saw that Giz hadn’t eaten overnight, I still didnt realise my error…

I only realised my mistake when I left the house at dark o’clock to go to work and saw the window was still closed. Oops…

Before I had reached my car, Gizmo had found me and shouted at me; quite rightly too… 🤦‍♀️

I let him into the house, and then left to go to work. 😳

I’ve felt so guilty all day, and this evening, Giz is definitely adding to the guilt!? He is ignoring me completely, and catching up on the sleep he clearly missed last night…

Sorry Giz, I wont make this mistake again…

He is now asleep on his cat tree, catching up on the sleep he must have missed last night… DO NOT DISTURB!!

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