Close Encounter… 😳🐁

It’s been a while since Gizmo presented us with regular gifts, but in the last 48 hours, I think hes made up for it…?!

Like many humans at the moment, I’m struggling to get a good nights sleep. Yes, it’s probably a combination of pandemic stress, work anxiety and generally not feeling able to relax, but Gizmo is not helping the situation…

I start this story at 1am yesterday morning, when I woke up. Yet again, an interrupted nights sleep, and my alarm was set for 4.15am to go to work. 😪 I knew that it was going to be a long and tiring day.

I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. It didnt work. And the more I seemed to try to sleep, the less likely it was. As time went on, I knew my sleep for the night was over…


Uh oh. I knew what those noises meant…Gizmo had brought a gift home, and it was still alive.

So by now its 1.45am. I’m wearing my fluffy dressing gown, stood in the hallway, and using the torch on my phone, Gizmo and I are trying to do the same thing – catch a mouse.

To cut a long story short, Giz lost the mouse when I dashed to get a humane trap, and he quickly stopped searching for it, and went back to his beanbag for a nap. 🤦‍♀️ I placed some traps in the last known location, and went back to bed.

Still unable to sleep, I was now lying in bed knowing that we have a mouse somewhere in the house, again. And I have to go to work, having only had 4 hours sleep.

Fast forward to yesterday evening, and there was still no sign of the mouse. Giz wasnt showing any interest in looking for it, so I hoped my humane traps would be more useful overnight.

Just after 7pm, I went to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly when my head hit the pillow, and I hoped I would have a better nights sleep. But at 10.35pm, something bizarre happened…

I lay on my back, happily asleep and blissfully unaware of what was going to happen, when I was awoken by something small and furry that landed on my neck and then ran off in a hurry… 😳

I awoke instantly and sat bolt upright in silence, trying to work out what woke me up…and then it all made sense. The mouse had found me, and now it was somewhere on my bed.

I turned the light on and searched the bed; peeling back the duvet, checking the pillows, and giving the bed a thorough inspection. But no sign of Mr Mouse at all.

I went to find Gizmo, who willingly came to bed with me. He paid close attention to looking under the small gap under the bed, so I knew the mouse was nearby but thankfully no longer in my bed.

I went back to sleep knowing that Gizmo was on guard duty. I didnt have to wait long…


Yet again, I knew what those sounds meant. I looked at my watch, it was 11.45pm. I got up and found Giz staring at a mouse in the hallway. After a tense standoff, he chased it behind some furniture and (without him noticing) I caught it in a trap, before and released it outdoors.

Was it the same mouse that woke me by jumping on me, I cant be sure. But at least I managed to rescue it and put it outside incase it decided to jump on me again! Much to Gizmos annoyance…

Gizmo looking fed up

Have you ever had a close encounter with a ‘gift’ when you where asleep?!

7 thoughts on “Close Encounter… 😳🐁

  1. Gizmo is an exceptionally alert guard cat, and I am not entirely sure you are fully appreciative of my pal’s efforts to keep you safe!
    I don’t have the luxury of catching any meece here but do like to catch moths and flies and if I can’t deposit them on the staff’s bed, do the next best thing by vomming them back up the staff’s pillows.
    While they are asleep!
    You need to practice being more Gizmo.
    Love Jago xx

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  2. Oh wow Jago, that’s pretty impressive catting fur pal 😹

    Does your human appreciate the effort you go to by eradicating the pests inside the house?!

    Purrs from Gizmo x


  3. EEEKKKK!!! Miss Leanne mee asked LadyMew if shee efurr meeted a Mousie in her housie an shee told mee “NO!”
    Mind you all her catss were inndoorss or condo kittiess like mee…
    You did guud savin Mousie!
    Gizmo bettur luck next time mee frend….
    Yore foto iss grate an yore xpression sayss it ALL 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  4. Many purrs BellaDharma 😘 Im sure LadyMew is delighted that she doesnt have to worry about evicting mice! Gizmo should be used to me putting them back outside by now, but he always looks annoyed afterwards 🤣 From Leanne and Gizmo x


  5. You know Gizmo sumtimess wee heer sum itty bitty scratchin over top of us…wee think a Mousie mite bee livin beetween our florr an seckond floor…butt wee nevurr seen a Mousie…yet…. 😉
    An Miss Leanne wee kittiess are furry sennysitive, mew mew mew….

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