Watch where you walk Human!? 😹🐁

When you wake your Human up at 4am playing with a dead mouse, and she gets up to investigate, but ends up walking into the living room in the dark with bare feet and stepping on it, it’s probably best that you leave the Human alone for a while!? 😹 #ungratefulorwhat

Poor Gizmo looks a bit sad doesnt he?! All that effort to bring me a mouse and I accidentally step on it, then put it in the bin… πŸ™€

I (almost) feel a bit ungrateful… and I’ve tried telling him if he wants to impress me, bring me home chocolate, wine or money.

I would even compromise if he brought home chocolate mice… πŸ˜†

5 thoughts on “Watch where you walk Human!? 😹🐁

  1. Mew mew mew you gave it a grate try Gizmo!!! Hu’manss are furry squeemish ’bout mice whether alive or dedd it seemss!
    Miss Leanne pleese know Gizmo had THE best inntentionss…
    LadyMew giggelled ’bout chocolate mousiess…now THAT iss a GRATE idea!!
    **purrss** BellaDahrma an ❀ LadyMew

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