Gizmos Human Marathon Update – 21 March 2021

Since I started running, I’ve found there are good runs, runs I would rather forget, and runs that dont go to plan… and yesterdays run definitely did NOT go to plan.

I managed to squeeze two short runs in the week around work commitments, but yesterday I’d planned to do my long run. In hindsight I think I pushed myself a bit hard on my run a few days ago and my body hadnt totally recovered. Lesson learnt.🤦‍♀️

Last weeks long run was 7 miles, so this week I was aiming for 8 miles. I always listen to my body rather than focusing solely on the distance. I’m happy to adjust my plan as I go. I dont want an injury and I need to look after myself for the next 7 months…

View from the Camel Trail heading towards Wadebridge from Padstow

Yesterday, things didn’t start well….

My legs were heavy, my breathing was a struggle, and my body felt like I had the energy levels of an empty duracell battery. And then I checked my watch, and I’d not even reached 1 mile in distance. 🤦‍♀️ Oh sh*t, I knew my plan had to change, and quickly.

So I came up with a new plan – slow my pace and run a continuous 5k (3.1miles), then turn and head for home, even if it meant walking some of the way whilst I scoffed the jelly beans in my pocket.

I wont lie, the first 2 miles were bloody awful (as they always are), but as I approached mile 3, my body suddenly stopped complaining. It was like a switch in my brain had flipped and I felt fine. So I decided to continue a bit further…

Before I knew it, I’d run 5.5 continuous miles and ended up in Wadebridge! Honestly, I felt like I could have gone further but decided to save that for another day.

Approaching Wadebridge from Padstow on the Camel Trail

Briefly pausing to take photos, I then turned and ran back in the direction of my car that was parked in Padstow.

View in Wadebridge
Back on the Camel Trail near Wadebridge

The journey back was pretty good, until I caught a tiny glimpse of Padstow in the distance and remembered how far it was to get back to the car?! 🤭

Padstow in the distance

So my original plan for 8 miles was exceeded today, as I ended up doing 11 miles, despite thinking that I would struggle to complete 3 miles at the beginning.

View from the Camel Trail when sea is calm

I also ran continuously for 1 hour before a brief pause, and then running a continuous hour back. 11 miles in 2hours 2mins. Yes, it was slow, but I did it 👍

View from Camel Trail

My determination to succeed massively outweighs my fear of failure.

And all this before my first coffee (and Gizmo cuddle) of the day… 😆

Thanks to everyone who had already donated towards my fundraising efforts, but of course I’m still a long way off my target to help The Cats Protection League in my local area…


🏃‍♀️ 196 days until race day 🏃‍♀️
💰 £1,810 left to raise 💰

Approaching Padstow on Camel Trail

8 thoughts on “Gizmos Human Marathon Update – 21 March 2021

  1. Thankyou Jago and Mum 😘 Gizmo gave me lots of purrs when I got home. (I think it’s because he wanted a second breakfast, but I told myself he was pleased with my effort?! 😹) Leanne x


  2. HURRAH Miss Leanne!! You are doin grate!! You tired an you paced yoreself an you accomplished 11 miless!!! WOWSWERSS! LadyMew sayss yore doin just fine….
    Wee wishess wee cuud sponsor you with $money$ butt wee not have xtra…butt wee CAN send you good vibrayshunss an **purrss** an encouragemint!!
    Gizmo must bee so proud of you!!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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