Gizmos Human needs your help!!

There has been a slight change of plan for Gizmos Human Slave who is entered in the London Marathon…

The race is still on… but its MUCH sooner than I originally planned?!

I have some exciting/terrifying news… Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Cats Protection Fundraising Team offering me a place in the London Marathon on 3rd Oct this year because a space has become available.

Although this reduces my timeline by 200+ days from my original target date to run the marathon in April 2022, I’ve accepted their offer, paid my entry fee and booked my accommodation!? No turning back now…!?

I decided that training for this years marathon during the summer months would be better for me, rather than training over the cold wet winter months for next years event in April…

I now have just 208 days to get myself into shape AND to raise much needed money for the charity. 💰

Of course, the date change has brought my fundraising target forwards…and that’s where I need your help! I’d like to raise 50% (£1000) before June if possible, so that I’m on track to complete the total amount of £2000 by race day on Oct 3rd. 💰

Any help towards my target will be hugely appreciated…

👉 👈

So the countdown is now on to the 3rd October 2021…

🏃‍♀️ 208 days to go 🏃‍♀️

💰 £1900 left to raise 💰

❤ We can do this… ❤

6 thoughts on “Gizmos Human needs your help!!

  1. Hello Mum ‘O Gizzy, well that’s a turn up for the books innit. Jago is definitely having a MOL moment as I suspect Gizmo did when you told him.

    Good luck with the training and while it’s not much we will be supporting you in a bit to try and help you get to your target.

    Hope the plates of meat don’t moan too much 🙂

    Jago, Mum & Dad xx

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  2. Ah Thankyou Jagos mum!

    Yes, I feel a tad shocked today because things have changed so quickly, but in many ways it’s a good thing!!

    Gizmo is delighted that he will get regular early morning breakfasts during my training because he knows that I prefer to run first thing in the morning!

    Hope all is well with you and Jago ❤

    Big purrs from Gizmo and his Human xXx


  3. You got this Miss Leanne!! Yore fit an young an will due this!! Mee an LadyMew have toe-tall faith inn you. Pace yoreself an beeleeve inn yoreself…
    An wee send you PAWSITIVE VIBESS AN ❤ ❤
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  4. LadyMew sayss it ISS a bit of a dauntin task butt you are a pawsitive purrson an Gizmo iss a guud coach an THE merry-thon iss fore a furry guud purrpose.
    Wee will meow an cheer you on! Purromise! ❤ ❤

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  5. Thankyou ❤ A few weeks before the race I will be gathering some inspirational quotes and sayings that I will carry with me during the race to keep me focused, and remind me why I am putting myself through it 😳 😆. L x


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