Spring 2021 is on the way…🌷

I’m not sure how you and your cats feel about the winter months, but Gizmo and I are not fans…

We arent keen on staying indoors all day, but the cold, wet, windy weather doesn’t make us want to venture out much over the winter months either.

Now that the Human is training for the London Marathon in 2022, she forces herself to go out for a run, but Gizmo only leaves the house for essential reasons (💩) because he refuses to use a litter tray in the house… 🤦‍♀️

But over the last few days, the elusive shiny thing in the sky has returned, and we both feel much happier! 🌞

Gizmo has had a spring in his step, and is enjoying playing in the garden and the greenhouse again!

Hes also had fun hanging upside down on the garden bench…

The sun has definitely lightened the mood in our house, and the feeling in our hearts, and we are ready for spring now!

We have also relaunched our lovely range of greetings cards on our website this week, so please take a look! Any problems in placing an order, please let me know!

5 thoughts on “Spring 2021 is on the way…🌷

  1. Hello Gizmo.
    Lovely photo and video. Helooks very happy playing ouside.
    Our cats are also enjoing the nice weather.
    Have a nice weekend with your mom.
    Lots of purrs from all of us kittens and a big hug from our mom.

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  2. Gizmo looks very happy out in the sun, and it makes such a difference to the way everybody feels, Jago is an indoor Tiger so has been following the sun puddles from window to window around the house xx

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  3. Wee toetally agree that Wintur has bin long an gloomy an cold an UCKY Gizmo an Miss Leanne!!! Mee did mee Selfie inn a sun puddle. It was too chilley to go out tho’.
    Pleese Spring come vissit all of us soon 🙂
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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