Gizmos Human is now one of the #CatChampions

Gizmo is forever having adventures, but now it’s the turn of his Human Slave to have an adventure of her own…

As you may have guessed, Gizmo is the centre of my world. Having him in my life is my reason to get up and face each day. Even the days that I’d rather not face…

He gives me reasons to laugh on a daily basis, and I know that so many other people feel the same way about sharing their lives with cats.

We are so lucky that these beautiful creatures choose to share their (nine) lives with us, and I wanted to do something to help other kitties…

So I applied to take part in a pretty big challenge… and a few days ago, I discovered my application was successful…

I have been accepted to run in the London Marathon in April 2022 on behalf of Cats Protection League!

I am now officially one of their #CatChampions 😹

This is a huge honour, but also a huge challenge… 26.2 miles is a loooong way…and I’ve never run that far before!! 😳

On the bright side, I now have a good excuse to talk about two of my favourite things (cats and running) for the next 14 months 🤣

Although I didn’t get Gizmo from the Cats Protection League, I’ve heard so many wonderful stories from friends that have found their purrfect kitty companions from Cats Protection, so I wanted to help towards their fundraising efforts and raise awareness of their work.

Each year, Cats Protection helps around 200,000 cats, and donations are used to continue the important work they do; improving the lives of cats across the UK by providing essential healthcare and rehoming kitties, as well as educating humans.

I now have 14 months to get myself physically (and mentally) prepared for this epic task, and I would really love your support along the way ❤

Click here for my Just Giving page, and if you are able to donate to this worthy cause, your support would really be appreciated! You can follow my progress here too 😉.

If you have any words of advice or encouragement to share with me, that would be appreciated too… I think I will need it over the next 14 months!? ❤

I have some fundraising ideas that I will be implementing in the next few months, but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

With your help, I hope we can make a difference to the lives of cats (and humans) across the UK…

Leanne x (Gizmos Human Slave)

8 thoughts on “Gizmos Human is now one of the #CatChampions

  1. Aww well done Gizmo’s mum, must be bonkers though 🙂
    We will try to support you a little bit as the time gets closer. Jago adopted his staff from the Cats Protection in Truro & we make sure we do their lottery every month as well as supporting them in other ways.

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  2. Purrs Jagos mum 😘 Gizmo will agree with you that I’m bonkers for considering this challenge! I think I get to nominate a local Cat Protection centre for my fundraising money to go to, so it will be the Truro branch if that’s the case! I went there to donate some cat items when my previous cat died. Jago made a very wise choice when he chose you 😘 L x

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  3. Mee-yow Miss Leanne yore a Champeeon inn our eyess all reddy!!
    Concatultionss on beein accepted to run THE Merrython.
    Wee are so xcited fore you! Gizmo yore Meowy iss THE BOMM! 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew two

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  4. Awww… thankyou BellaDharma and LadyMew 😘 Gizmo (and most of my friends) think I’m bonkers for taking on this challenge 😹 They are probably right, but I’m determined to succeed, one way or another! 😘 Leanne x


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