Christmas Eve 2020

“Umm, Human… is there anything under the tree with my name on!?” Squeaks Gizmo.

Nope. Not yet. Sorry Giz…

Let’s hope you are on the ‘Nice List’ and Santa brings you something special….

I hope Santa feels lenient this year in terms of overlooking any bad Gizmo behaviour!?

After all, Gizmo had his daytime routine destroyed when the humans entered Covid Lockdown #1 and were home MUCH more than Gizmo was used to.

This Christmas will be one we will remember for a long time… so let’s remember it for the right reasons. Friendship, family and festive cheer… ❤

Happy Christmas to all our friends and followers 🎁

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2020

  1. Hello Gizmo. We wish you and your human family a wonderful Christmas. Purrs from all of us kittens and a big hug from our mom. 🎄🎆🎀

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  2. Ah, thanks Jago ❤

    That’s reassuring for Gizmo to hear… he might be able to sleep tonight knowing that hes on the nice list instead of the naughty list… 🤣

    We hope you and your humans have a lovely Christmas!

    Only a few more naps until Santa arrives 🎅

    Love from Gizmo and his Human Slave x

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  3. Gizmo of coarse you are on THE NICE list; a sweet man cat like you!
    Mee an LadyMew wish you an yore Hu’man a furry Meowy Catmass…Wee HOPE 2021 will bee a gentler an kinder yeer fore efurryone.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  4. If onlee Gizmo an Gizmo’ss Hu’man…..LadyMew’ss 2nd hubby iss inn Hospital with Covid an LadyMew DID meow with him. But hee iss furry week an mite not sirvive…
    THE onlee way 2021 will bee guud iss if Mistur Dave pulls threw…
    **purrss** BellaDharma


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