Things that go BANG in the night… 😳

In my bungalow, we have had years of experience listening to Gizmo and his noisy antics overnight.

Whether its Gizmo chasing a gift up and down the corridor, or Gizmo climbing on every wardrobe in the house and launching himself off onto the beds, I think it’s fair to say we are pretty tolerant and used to him and his noises.

But for the last two nights, we have been kept awake by noises that appear to have nothing to do with Gizmo… or at least that’s what we first thought.

We were woken by a loud 💥BANG💥 followed by hours of 💥CLUNK💥 and 💥RATTLE💥 noises afterwards… 😳

Upon hearing these noises, Giz would also wake up and stare at the ceiling as if he was equally as puzzled as me about the mysterious sounds from above.

But after lying awake for one night wondering what it could be, I worked out exactly what the LOUD noise was…

And unsurprisingly, Gizmo probably IS to blame for it…

It was the sound of a humane mousetrap being triggered, and a (rather irritated) mouse trying to get out of the trap ALL NIGHT LONG. 😳🐁

The following morning, I shuffled up the stepladder and recovered the mousetrap and its contents…

Little attic mouse before being released

I released the mouse outside, into the shelter of the undergrowth at the bottom of my garden, closely followed by Gizmo.

After releasing mousey, I grabbed Giz and the empty trap and brought them both back inside. Gizmo looked quizzically at the empty trap before I put some broken biscuits in the bait box and shuffled back up the ladder to reset it, leaving Gizmo at the bottom of the ladder, looking confused.

But last night, yet again the trap went BANG and it would appear that the mouse in the trap was even more energetic (and annoyed) than the mouse the night before 🤦‍♀️

Although severely lacking in sleep for two nights in a row, at least I worked out the mystery of the night noises. Let’s hope that I can catch all the squatters in the attic very soon. 🤞

We aren’t sure how mice got up there, but we are keen to evict them…. and catch up on our sleep…!?

Luckily for Gizmo, he can catch up on sleep during daylight hours… unlike his Human Slave who has to go to work on less than 4hours sleep and fuelled by copious amounts of coffee… 😳☕

Gizmo peacefully sleeps during the day

7 thoughts on “Things that go BANG in the night… 😳

  1. Cats sleep do peacefully during the day. It is not fair to us slaves who have to work to provide them creature comforts. Some days I want to curl up with my girl instead of going to work!

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  2. Oh I feel your pain!! When my alarm goes off at 4.15am, you can imagine how much I want to roll over and go back to sleep 🤣 Unfortunately, as soon as the alarm goes off, Gizmo gets SO excited that I’m getting up that I would stand little chance of falling asleep again 🤦‍♀️ Our cats are so lucky that the only timetable they have to worry about is their rumbling bellies 🤣


  3. Mew mew mew that iss a “Mee-yow to THE Paw” foto if mee efurr saw one Gizmo’ss Meowmy! Hee sure iss cute!
    Wee happy you solved THE misstery an are reeleesinn yore ‘squatterss’ sumwhere safe…Wee hope they do not find a way back inn….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  4. Wee are doin Okay Gizmo an Meowmy. So far Deecemburr has bin sumwhat better than Novemburr…anythin iss an improvemint over Novemburr! 😉
    Wee hope THE Mousiess will pay attention to Eviction Order…guud luck…..

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