Sitting quietly…

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective” Doe Zantamata

Sometimes, just sitting, quietly observing the world, brings us the clarity we need to move forward with our lives. Or at least that’s what Gizmos Human Slave thinks…

Gizmo, on the other hand, sits quietly to focus on the next object hes going to pounce on…. 🐁🐦🐿

What brings you peace and clarity during these anxious times?

Gizmos Human Slave x

Gizmo sits quietly, staring across the garden

3 thoughts on “Sitting quietly…

  1. Jago here Gizmo. I think the hoomans are catching on at last to being more like Cat.

    We sit silently observing all of our lives, preparing for the plethora of consequences that come to us as a result of doing so

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  2. HAHAHA Gizmo’s Human I try to just sit quietly & be in the moment…you know try to be ‘Zen’ like our cats do…
    I’m not so good at it…..but I keep trying!
    BellaDharma watches her bird friends on patio….that seems to put her in her ‘Zen’ place…..just like Gizmo!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen aka LadyMew & **purrss** BellaDharma

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