“Where have YOU been Gizmo?!”

There are so many wonderful things that cats bring to our lives. The purrs when we are feeling down, the affectionate leg weaving when they want feeding, and the ‘gifts’ that the shower us with… (Some of us have gifts more regularly than we would like 🐦🐭)

But there are times when sharing our lives with an adventurous cat can be less lovely; like when they go missing 😳

Yesterday was just like any other day. A beautiful sunny day, where Gizmo divided his day between snoozing in the garden, lounging around in the house, and trying to climb everything he could get his paws on. Like I say, it was a normal day. In the evening, Gizmo left the house to go on his normal evening garden stroll. I decided to have an early night, knowing that Giz would join me when he returned. And that was where the normal day ended.

I thought it was lovely (but odd) that I had an undisturbed nights sleep.

No dark o’clock wake up call from my four pawed feline.

No Gizmo jumping on my bladder.

No Gizmo deciding to test gravity by knocking things off my bedside table.

And when I finally woke up this morning, no Gizmo escorting me to the bathroom 😳 That was when I knew something was very wrong.

Gizmo was nowhere to be found.

Of course, I tried not to panic, but the worry was building inside me. It was now 12 hours since he was last seen, and for him to miss his breakfast was definitely not like him.

I went outside and whistled for him. I went to the front garden and looked under all the vehicles, and checked the fences and bushes nearby. No sign of him. 😳

I had appointments booked today so had no choice but to leave the house, but my Dad would be staying at home.

My Dad was left with instructions to phone me as soon as the wanderer returned. A few hours later, I still had no phonecall. Panic had started to set in with me 😳

I made the phonecall I had been trying to avoid making. It had been 15 hours since we last saw him. I didn’t want to be the paranoid anxiety-driven human slave. Dad confirmed there was still no sign of Giz. πŸ˜”

I raised my anxiety to the next level and started contacting neighbours to ask them to look in sheds and garages. All neighbours were lovely and replied to my messages within a few minutes saying that they would check buildings and keep their eyes peeled for my little dude.

I tried not to worry but my heart was sinking, fast. He never misses breakfast. Never. He’s so fussy with his food that I know he would go hungry if he didn’t return home for his meals. By now, it had been almost 17 hours since we last saw him.

I put my phone back in my pocket and tried to continue with my day, but I didn’t have to wait long until it started ringing.

Before I saw the screen, I pressed answer and listened to the voice at the other end of the phone waiting for bad news…

Thankfully it was my dad confirming that Giz had come home, and was demanding food 🀦

By the time I returned home, Giz was snoozing in his favourite chair, blissfully unaware of all the stress and anxiety his overnight antics had caused.

When he raised his head to acknowledge I had returned, I asked him where the heck he had been the previous night?! Of course, I got very little in the way of explanation before his head returned back to the cushion…

Oh the joys of having an adventurous cat 🀦 I hope he had a night of adventure and excitement, but I hope he decides to stay closer to home from now on… My anxiety won’t cope with another day like today 🀦

6 thoughts on ““Where have YOU been Gizmo?!”

  1. I can so relate to this. How many times I have worried and fretted over a kitty who decided to stay out late. Who knows what adventures they are having? But all is forgiven when they return. I’m so glad your Gizmo came home safe and sound.

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  2. Thankyou ❀️ Of course we try not to worry, but the longer time goes on, the more we start to stress! Dad said that Giz came home, demanded food then went straight back out again, only to return an hour later, demand more food and then catch up on some sleep 🀷 I hope he stays out of trouble for a while; my anxiety was working overtime yesterday πŸ˜†

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  3. OMC Gizmo dude you caused yore Meowmy an GranPaw ALOT of wurry!! Pleese do not go missin again!
    Gizmo’ss Meowmy wee are so reeleeved Gizmo came home an iss OKay….
    LadyMew REEFUSESS to let mee wandur. Then again, there iss a thing called Bye-Law an wee catss not alloud to raom or owner getss fined $money$.
    Wee hope Gizmo will stay close to home….wee LOVE the paw to hand foto…LadyMew has a foto like that with ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha…
    **purrss** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Gizmo maybee stay home an do lotss of Selfiess, mew mew mew….

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  4. Here almost the same. When we went to bed, it was 2am, our youngest one, Musti, did”t return yet. So we where very worried because he’s normally in around 8pm. And our cats cant’ leave any more once its evening. We close there cat door once it becomes dark. They can get in then but not out. So I was very happy this morning when I saw him lying in his bed.

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  5. Thankyou ❀️ He does know how to worry us 🀦 Thankfully he has stayed close to home since his adventures that night. I think he might have got trapped in someone’s shed or garage 🀷 but the important thing is that he came home again. X


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