Gizmos ‘Home Improvement’ Approval?!

I don’t know about your cats, but all changes in my house are investigated by Gizmo. If a box moves from one room to another, Gizmo will check it out. If the books on the bookcase are rearranged, Gizmo will inspect them. You get the idea…

Well, today was the day I learnt some new home improvement skills?!

As I’ve already discovered, I’m not much good at interior decorating. Painting is really NOT my thing. I was once told by a friend “…if you can p***, you can paint” and on so many occasions, I have proven this isn’t the case?! Painting does not come naturally to me at all…

So today I learnt how to tile… It’s a job I’ve been putting off for a few months, but last week I got the last of the kit together, and a friend offered to teach me… An impossible offer to refuse, especially as he used to tile for a living!!

To cut a long story short, I’ve discovered I’m much better at tiling and grouting than I am at painting, so that’s a relief?! But as always, the handiwork had to be inspected by Gizmo…

He checked it thoroughly, and I’m pretty sure the stretch was him giving his approval?!

Do your kitties ever help you around the house? And do they inspect your home improvements?!

4 thoughts on “Gizmos ‘Home Improvement’ Approval?!

  1. Hello Gizmo and mom. Our cat don’t like that furniture is changed but they inspect and then except, most of the time what I have done. Big hug lovely Gizmo. Greetings .

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  2. Sorry, must be cats, we have 6 cats, before 7 but Poupouse died 5 juli this year and I’m still heartbroken. Even having my other sweethearts it hurts a lot loosing here.


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