😹 Gizmo – 1, Ducks – 0 πŸ¦†

Gizmo seems to be enjoying the new garden arrangement… The ducks are currently contained behind a short fence in the bottom half of the garden… 😹 Gizmo can jump in and out as he pleases, but the ducks can’t 😹

And despite the top half of the garden now being ‘safe’ from ducky attacks, Gizmo still keeps an eye on where the ducks are, just incase they decide to break free and get their own back… 😳

We hope you are having a lovely weekend 😘

Gizmo watches the ducks from a safe distance 😳

5 thoughts on “😹 Gizmo – 1, Ducks – 0 πŸ¦†

  1. Purrs BellaDharma πŸ₯° Yes, Gizmo does need to socially distance himself from the ducks…but they would prefer to get close enough to bite his tail πŸ™€ Giz has to keep an eye on them; they are very sneaky 😹


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