Gizmos ‘Green Cross Code’

Gizmo knows it’s important to look in both directions before entering the ⚠️ *danger zone* ⚠️ (aka: the garden)

This is where attacks from the pet ducks are highly likely if you turn your back on them 😳

Giz knows that even the humans get attacked by the ducks, so everyone needs to remain alert in the garden at all times… 🦆

Gizmos’ advice is as follows:



Look Left…


Look right…

When you are certain your intended route and top speed can avoid all ducky interaction…

RUN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT … Or else this happens 🙀

(Gizmo was not harmed in the making of this blog post… And sometimes he still forgets to take his own advice, despite the ducks reminding him… 😆)

Pet ducks – Trevor and Tulip

4 thoughts on “Gizmos ‘Green Cross Code’

  1. Wow, the duck isn’t scared of all from Gizmo. But he does he’s best to look left and right, fantastic.

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  2. Thanks Rita! Our ducks are fearless! They have been known to chase cats, foxes, squirrels, humans… 😳 And we have seen them catch an unsuspecting pigeon and pluck some feathers out of it 🤦 Honestly, Gizmo would be wise to avoid the ducks at all costs 😆

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  3. They are ferocious guard ducks 🙀 They were surrounded by geese when they were ducklings, so I think that they believe they are big geese, not little ducks!? They love nothing more than chasing ANYTHING that comes into our garden?! Gizmo, squirrels, humans… We are all duck targets! 😳😹🤦


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