Finding the beauty…

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it…”

Monochrome Gizmo, staring into the distance…

There are so many things I could write about beauty, and how we all interpret photos differently…

We need to find beauty in the smallest things. The things we would normally overlook in our pre-covid busy lives…

We need to find beauty now, more than we’ve ever needed it before…

Stay kind. Stay humble. We are all in this together… ❤️

6 thoughts on “Finding the beauty…

  1. Purrs for your kind words, BellaDharma 🥰 So often, humans can’t see the beauty in the things that they come across everyday, but kitties know ALL about enjoying the simple things in life… Naps, sun puddles, a bowl of food, being told they are the cleverest and most beautiful kitty in the house etc… The list goes on for Gizmo 😆

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  2. Mee mewoss THE truth as mee knowss it Gizmo….
    LadyMew an mee watch a teeny Wren wee named Fen…hee iss so cute an comess dailee fore seedss…hee iss too shy to get a foto. Butt hee iss beeuteefull to watch.
    An Gizmo there iss beeutee inn treetss rite?? 😉

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  3. Well, Gizmo won’t eat treats… I think he’s always know that his tummy is mega sensitive so he won’t eat anything apart from his biscuits and wet food. He won’t touch meat of any kind, cooked or uncooked. No treats. No titbits…nothing 😳 But to make up for it, we make sure he has all the love he needs… And enough catnip to keep him happy 😜

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