Have you got a lockdown hobby helper…?!

Who has taken up a new hobby during the lockdown?! Have you been learning a new skill?!

Gizmo is taking the opportunity to ‘supervise’ the senior human whilst senior human (tries) to complete crosswords…

And when I say supervise, I actually mean distract with purrs, play with the pen, and lie down on the puzzle book demanding affection…

Has anyone else got a new-hobby companion during lockdown, and how helpful are they…?!

8 thoughts on “Have you got a lockdown hobby helper…?!

  1. *kissess** pawss** Theya re SO-O kissabell Gizmo!
    LadyMew has not taken up a mew hobby. Wee tryin to get th easch day w/out a bad inncudent…
    Yesterday shee had a SEEZURE so mee was ‘on THE job’; nothin fun or glammyruss; just makin sure LadyMew came out of it an was OKay….
    Bee well an stay safe…. **purrss** BellaDharma

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  2. Mee-yow Gizmo LadyMew has sumthin called Dissacossiative Seezuress. They are brott on bye xtreme stress or if shee iss faced with sumone tryin to hurt or harm her (shee has a stalker inn buildin). Innstead of ‘flite of fite; shee doess ‘freeze an seeze’….
    It iss OKay. Mee comfertss her when shee has one.
    An Gizmo has such *kissabell* pawss! 😉

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  3. Oh gosh 😳 That’s scary. I’ve had brief encounters with stalkers in the past, it’s not a good situation. At least you can cheer her up and help her when she has a seizure ❤️ Very important kitty cat job 👍


  4. With THE lockdown an self isolatin wee not seen THE Nasty Man which iss a furry guud thing!!
    An mee iss all wayss here to help LadyMew just as ‘angel’ Unkell Purrince Siddhartha was beefore mee….
    Tnax fore yore compleemint too!

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