What day is it?! Ask Gizmo… 😹

Am I the only human that is struggling with which day of the week it is?!

It’s a good job Gizmo knows it’s #Caturday… 😻

Gizmos Human Slave hasn’t got a bloomin clue… 🤦 Thanks Covid-19 😆 #BeMoreLikeGizmo

Gizmo doing his favourite thing… climbing trees 😍

2 thoughts on “What day is it?! Ask Gizmo… 😹

  1. Mew mew mew Gizmo mee has same trubbell with LadyMew…mee has to paw her Daily Planner soo shee checkss…sum dayss shee iss rEELLY confused! It iss sorta cute to watch….butt then again if shee furgetss to buy mee foodabullss it will NOT bee sorta cute then rite???
    You look pawtastick inn yore foto….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. Oh yes, Gizmo agrees that you have to remind humans about everything at the moment… Buying Gizmo food, feeding gizmo, stroking gizmo, letting gizmo into the cupboard to check for mice… the list goes on!! He thought it was a full time job before the lockdown, but now he knows that was just a little bit of work! Humans are tricky at the moment 🤦😆 Stay safe… X


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