We need to be more like Gizmo…?!

Humans around the world are (understandably) more stressed and anxious than ever before, but we can all do our bit to reduce the spread of this awful virus by staying at home… (Unless you are a key worker of course) ❤️

We all need to be more like Gizmo…

Stay at home, chill out in your garden, clean your paws often, occasionally nap in the sun and avoid direct contact with the neighbours, as lovely as they are ❤️

Stay safe… ❤️

Gizmos Human Slave x

6 thoughts on “We need to be more like Gizmo…?!

  1. This cheered me up, I love Gizmo!
    What I really hate is the panic buying! I can’t get a delivery slot and this pains me. My husband is 86 and has Congestive Heart Failure and we need supplies and I can’t get a delivery or collection slot so I will have to go out and risk his life! I’m heartbroken!

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  2. Oh Melita, I feel for you. Have you got any local shops that will deliver to you, rather than large supermarkets? We have a few small shops near us that have been really helpful for the past few weeks. I hope you and your husband stay as safe as you can. X


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