I think Gizmo deserves an apology…

I think Gizmo deserves an apology, and it’s NOT because I took him to the vets for his booster vaccinations this morning… 🤦

These are challenging times for us humans, and in an attempt to stay healthy and avoid the coronavirus, we are spending much more time at home than ever before…

But this is proving to be a huge inconvenience to our kitties…

Gizmo is used to having the house to himself most days; changing his napping locations every hour… But with us humans hanging around, I think we are upsetting his routine 🤦

Gizmo is no longer able to fully stretch out on the sofa, to lounge around on his pick of the beds, and bring home unlimited gifts, without a human seeing him… And he is starting to get a bit fed up of us.

To make matters worse, the weather is still pretty miserable here in Cornwall, so Gizmo is reluctant to play outside because he hates getting damp paws…

I keep reminding Gizmo this won’t last forever, but none of us know exactly how long it will last. We just need to remain calm and carry on as best we can…and try not to get on our kitties nerves in the meantime?! 

5 thoughts on “I think Gizmo deserves an apology…

  1. Mew mew mew Gizmo you shuud bee loungin on THE Hu’amnss lapss an snuggellin an gettin xtra treetss like mee!!
    Wee are inn selfie…no wait….self isolation since Wednesday an so far all iss goin well. Iss crummy weahter here inn Catnada too!! FISHCAKESS!
    Mee sorry yore havin a ruff time Gizmo…hope you adjust soon…..
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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