Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

Life is like a rollercoaster; constantly changing direction at speed. One minute you are heading for the clouds, and the next you are plummeting towards the ground faster than your brain can cope with… On this ever changing journey, its easy to get swept away and lose sight of where you are heading, and what is important to you.

This year has definately been one heck of a rollercoaster in my life, and I totally lost my focus. I was frantically treading water, unable to move forward, each day blurring into the next, but now is the time for a change of direction and a change of focus…

I’ve always been a fan of writing lists and scribbling notes; extracting the ‘post it notes’ from inside my head and transcribing them onto paper before I forget them, but although my intentions have always been good, its rare that I would actually complete all my ‘to do’ tasks. In fact, it was more likely that my note would get misplaced and I would forget all the things on my list…!

So when the lovely people at Mal Paper contacted me and offered to send me their Daily Goal Setter to use and review, I knew this happened for a reason – I dont believe in coincidences… I needed to re-organise my life, declutter my mind and focus on the future – and this planner was going to help.

One of the brilliant things about this planner is the way it challenges you to write down your goals, whatever they are, and encourages you to follow them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It even includes a really useful guide on how to use the planner to get the best results.

You are encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of your day/week/month and write them down too. This REALLY helps me, as my brain often forgets the good and remembers the bad, so this way I can remind me of the things that inspired me each day – no matter how small they are.

Interspersed throughout the planner are inspiring quotes to keep you focused and energised during your journey through lifes’ peaks and troughs.

Unlike other planners I’ve seen, this one allows you to write your own dates in, rather than the dates already being printed… Making this planner ideal for ANYONE who wants to strive towards a goal, start a new business or make a change in their life. Maybe this could be a gift for a friend or colleague that wants to organise their goals.

If you want to take back control of your life, declutter your mind, and focus on the future, this planner could help you, as it is proving helpful to me ❤️

If you want to find out more about Mal Paper and get your own planner, check out their website or follow them on facebook, twitter and instragram

3 thoughts on “Do you need to declutter your mind?! This might help… #ad

  1. Wow, what a beautiful planner! I love those inspirational quotes to help keep your mind motivated on what’s important. My heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry this has been a rough, roller-coaster kind of year. Believe me when I say that I do understand wholeheartedly. My hope and prayer for you is that the coming days find you realizing some long awaited dreams and a much brighter day. ❤

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your journey and this really nice planner with us. You’re a brilliant writer 🙂 Many well wishes for you and Giz!

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