Feline Nutrition – Meat Content Matters!!

When it comes to nutrition, I have to admit, I used to feed ANY brand of cat food (usually whatever was on offer) to my previous cats. As long as the cats kept eating it, I would keep buying it!? But when Gizmo arrived in my life, things changed…

You see, when Gizmo arrived with me as a 5 month old kitten, he was being fed ‘adult’ food… I don’t want to point the finger of blame at his previous owner, she was doing what she thought was best, but I started to question feline nutrition in a way that had never occurred to me before. (And I also transitioned him to kitten food…)

Months before Giz developed pancreatitis, I had begun to delve further and I started reading the back of feed pouches…

Even with my limited knowledge, I began to query the ingredients and the nutritional values included in the wet food sachets.

I was not only looking at the nutritional content of the pouches, but I was shocked to see the meat content…

If you walk into any supermarket and pick up a selection of wet feed sachets from different brands, I’m sure you will be equally as horrified once you start reading the small print and realising what it actually contains.

You will find that some well known brands of cat food contain as little as 4% – 8% meat per pouch. And this even includes certain brands that appear in the “luxury” range and are regularly advertised on TV… Just because people pay a high price for a certain brand, don’t assume that it contains quality ingredients, or much meat!!

When I first read the meat content on a pouch, I was convinced there was a typing error! But no. The more pouches I read, the more I realised the horrifying truth – some cat foods hardly contain meat at all…..and consumers like me were totally unaware.

I don’t know about you, but this meat content seems incredibly low to me, especially as cats have evolved as obligate carnivores, and therefore require more protein in their diets than most other animals to enable them to function healthily.

So, if there is only 4% – 8% meat in a pouch, this means that the remaining 92% – 96% consists of what….?!

The answer is bulkers, fillers, sugars and cereals to name a few… None of which are beneficial to feline health.

But not all cat food companies are the same…

A few months ago, I was contacted by a cat food brand that is NOT like the others…

This new brand are changing the health and happiness of kitties across the country by producing pouches that contain 50% meat, 49% chicken broth and 1% vitamins and minerals.

Yes, you read that correctly…. 50% of each pouch is actually meat, and you can physically see the difference.

Unlike many competitors, this food is not processed into ‘chunks’ or ‘pate’ like so many other brands. It’s actually real meat!

So, after doing some research, I was so impressed by the quality of this new food, that I approached my vets for some advice regarding (potentially) feeding this food to Gizmo.

As many of you will know, once a cat has had pancreatitis, they are often kept on a strict low fat diet for the rest of their lives to prevent another bout of illness. Fat in the diet can cause the pancreas to work harder to digest food, therefore a higher risk of triggering another attack. Regular veterinary check ups are vital, and vets will monitor any changes in weight, and spot potential flare ups or problems.

Imagine my delight when the vets informed me that this new food is actually lower in fat than the food they prescribed for Gizmo to eat… so there was no veterinary reason not to offer him this food to try, as long as it was introduced to the diet correctly.

Of course, any new food should be introduced gradually, feeding smaller quantities and monitor behaviour closely to identify any issues as soon as possible. (If you are in any doubt, consult your vet for their advice before making any changes to diet).

With all that noted, I decided to take up the kind offer for Gizmo to try the new food and introduced it gradually over a few weeks…

The lovely team at the cat food company kindly sent us a sample box to try, and over the following few weeks, I mixed Gizmos existing food with a small amount of the new food, gradually increasing the new food each day until he was solely eating the new stuff, and loving it. There were two flavours he refused to try, but the other flavours he was very keen on! Incredible considering how fussy he is with everything!

Honestly, I’ve never come across a cat like Gizmo before – hes not a meat lover, and has previously shown himself to be exceptionally fussy when it comes to wet food! But he has taken to this new food so well. He must know it is good for him and doesn’t make him feel poorly!

I monitored him closely for weeks – looking for any signs of sickness, discomfort, pain or distress, and to my delight, he is now as healthy as he ever has been! His coat is glossy, his eyes glisten, and he’s a healthy weight with oodles of energy! (Yes, this energy has resulted in him getting up to mischief on a regular basis, but I won’t hold that against him!)

So what is this incredible feed, I hear you ask?! And where can I buy it from…

Well, it’s a fantastic British company called ‘Blink’, and Giz and I are SO impressed with them.

Not only do they produce products using 100% natural ingredients with no hidden nasties, (no bulkers or cereals etc), but they offer a subscription service, meaning you can have the food delivered directly to your door each month! One less thing for us humans to worry about forgetting!

They have feed advice on their website and are REALLY helpful should you send them a message on social media!

You can also buy individual pouches and treats from a well known supermarket chain too! Every little helps… 😉

If you would like to try your kitty on their food, they have a trial box that you can buy for just £1! The trial box contains 8 pouches! ⬇️

And if you decide to sign up, the Team at ‘Blink’ have kindly given Gizmo fans a discount code to get £10 off your first order! Use the code FRIENDSOFGIZMO10 to save! Amazingly kind of them, don’t you think!!

‘Blink’ also produce cat treats too!

Find out more about the brilliant ‘Blink’ company from their website, or from their social media accounts! Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Gizmo and I have both been SO impressed by Blink and we would happily answer any questions you have! (Can I just point out we are not paid or endorsed by Blink, but we are so impressed by them that we want to share the word so that other kitties can be as happy as Gizmo is!! ❤️)

Here is Gizmo enjoying opening his latest food parcel from ‘Blink’, and he loves the special gifts they sent him too!

6 thoughts on “Feline Nutrition – Meat Content Matters!!

  1. Gizmo looks pretty excited opening his new food delivery! If you want 100% meat Gizmo, I suggest a quick sneak attack on the human’s dinner plate! That’s how we do it. With three of us one creates a distraction that cannot be ignored, while the others makes away with the loot!

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  2. Ah, cunning plan!! Gizmo won’t go near human food – he really is VERY fussy with food! I could put a roast dinner on the floor, and he would walk straight past it! Very unusual eating habits for a cat!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Seriously, Picking out a cat food brand that has the “miracle” formula of ingredients to create your own supercat that the cats will eat has always been difficult task. I give them a variety of different ones–which is better who knows? Trying to get all three cats to like a food is impossible!!!

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