Gizmos Pawprint Charm – Kiddieprints Competition

Followers on social media may have seen a few months ago that Gizmo was a joint winner of a competition by Kiddieprints on Facebook…

His cuteness got him entered into a competition to win a personalised silver charm with his actual pawprint on it!!

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the outcome!

So when Sue from Kiddieprints notified me we had won, I was so pleased! Sue then posted me the kit to take his pawprint along with brilliant instructions…

But in typical Gizmo style, he was a little reluctant?! You see, the kit consisted of a special wet wipe that I needed to apply to his paw pads (all totally safe to use but I did wash his paws off afterwards!), and then his print needed to be put on special A4 paper that showed the print from the wet wipe. It was magic watching it work! Even with Gizmos reluctance!

Anyway, I got two prints on the paper – both of which were from the same paw…and decided to quit while I still had all limbs intact! I cleaned off his paws thoroughly, then posted the kit back to Sue in the envelope provided along with paperwork to process the design.

Fast forward to a few weeks later when the finished product dropped through my door, and I am so pleased with the result!

It came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, inside a pretty pouch…

On one side is Gizmos pawprint, and on the reverse is ‘G’ …

I’ve put the charm on a silver chain, and apart from taking it off to shower, I haven’t been without it!

Im now able to carry well behaved piece of Gizmo with me at all times!!?

I highly recommend Kiddieprints – and can’t thank Sue enough for running the competition and taking the time to make such a beautiful item…

Find Kiddieprints online here on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And Gizmo fans can get 10% discount when purchasing their own pawprint charm by using the code Gizmo when ordering!!

5 thoughts on “Gizmos Pawprint Charm – Kiddieprints Competition

  1. Thank you so much for writing about your experience with Kiddieprints, it was a pleasure to receive the gorgeous Gizmo’s prints and to create a special piece of jewellery for you that you can keep with you always. Sue xx

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