Vet Visit…

As much as Gizmo hates it, there are times when he needs to go to the vets for a checkup and booster vaccination… And today was that day!?

After getting Giz into the carry cage, the journey to the vets was not as noisy as usual?! There were regular squeaks from him, but nothing loud and wailing like normal… This made me a bit worried…

At the vets, we didn’t have long to wait before we were seen by the Vet, Richard, who was just lovely with him!

Giz was allowed to explore the room – peer through the window, and look for places to climb…

Richard was pleased with Gizmos coat condition, his alertness and his desire to investigate the room!! Typical Gizmo – always checking everything out; looking for things to play with!!

After being popped on the scales, and having his heart and lungs listened to, Richard checked other things like the pancreas.

After his awful bout of pancreatitis a few years ago, I’m ultra aware of getting Giz checked out regularly. He is on a strict diet and an incredibly fussy eater (he refuses to eat treats or any human food, I’m pretty sure he isn’t helping himself to any food from our neighbours), so at least I’m confident that his strict diet has been stuck to!

The good news is that Giz is fine; he had his booster vaccination without a squeak, and Richard was lucky to get one of those rare Gizmo cuddles!!

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