Launching #GizmoDesigns…!

Gizmos fans may have spotted a few different posts on Gizmos’ social media in the last few days… but let me tell you a little background info before I reveal our news…!

I’ve wanted to put a little Gizmo business together for a few years, but I struggled to find the motivation and desire to see it through.

Battling depression, anxiety and severe confidence issues left me with the constant feeling that I’m just not good enough at anything to be successful…I see other people doing so well with their business, and I’ve never felt that I could achieve anything similar, so I’ve never taken that leap of faith…

That was until last month, when I reached an almighty low point in my life, and instead of sinking into my usual familiar gloomy hole, I decided to prove myself wrong…

And so #GizmoDesigns was conceived…

With the help and advice of friends and contacts, my logo was designed and the concept was costed and planned… ❤️

#GizmoDesigns Logo

And I’m proud to announce that I am now selling GizmoDesigns Greetings cards…! The first three designs are now ready for sale, but more designs are coming soon, and it won’t just be cat themed cards…I have other ideas too!

So, of all the products in the world I could sell, why greetings cards…?!
I don’t know about you, but when I receive a greetings card through the post, no matter what the occasion, I feel valued as a human. The sender has chosen a card to send to me, and there is always a personal connection to the scribbles inside, and the card itself…

So, knowing how many gorgeous Gizmo photos I have, and how many people have commented on how Gizmos photos remind them of happy memories of their own cats, or cats that have sadly passed over the rainbow bridge, I wanted to connect the pieces and give people the chance to share a bit of Gizmo with the people they love ❤️

I designed the cards myself, the logo was designed by a friend (who isn’t aware of his own talents), and a local printing company agreed to print for me! This is a local Cornish business and I hope to keep it that way 👍

Cards are blank inside for your own message and are for sale in packs of 3 and 6…

Pack of 3 cards (one of each design) £7.50 inc FREE UK postage

Pack of 6 cards (two of each design) £13.50 inc FREE UK postage

For international postage, please contact me to get a price…

You may be able to go to your local supermarket and buy standard greetings cards cheaper, but by supporting a small business like mine, you are really making a difference to someone’s life – Gizmos!!

This idea has all fallen into place in the last two weeks, and I couldn’t be happier with how the cards have turned out!

I hope Gizmo fans love them as much as I do ❤️ I’d love to see photos of where in the world the cards end up, so use the hashtag #GizmoDesigns when tagging @kittyupthecurt1 on social media so I can see!

To place an order, either send me an email to including your address, and whether you are ordering a pack of 3 or a pack of 6, and I will ping you a PayPal request!

…Or click on one of the links below!

Please support this small business, and help it to grow…

Gizmo would love to hear your thoughts...

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