The Eye of the Tiger…?!

Gizmo hates this wet, windy weather but this morning, I convinced him to venture outside and let me take some dark and windswept photos…

He climbed his favourite tree in gale force winds, spied on the neighbours, and then did something I’ve never seen him do before…

He climbed into one of the dying daffodil clumps in the garden and hid?! My little (part) Bengal Tiger looks super cute when he’s hiding!!

If he was trying to hide from me, it didn’t work, but maybe this is the secret to his regular ‘gift’ collection?!

4 thoughts on “The Eye of the Tiger…?!

  1. Fantastic photo’s of Gizmo. It makes me laugh to see him in the plant. He’s a real model. Give him a big kis from me.

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  2. Thanks Natasha ❤️ He was pretty annoyed to start with but after he’d climbed a few trees, spied on the neighbours and avoided confrontation with the ducks, he was much happier!! Lol


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