Ungrateful Human Alert…!?

Without wanting to sound like an ungrateful human, I think Gizmo would agree that’s what I have become recently…

Not only has he brought home a live gift for three out of the last four nights, but it’s become a problem for me not getting enough sleep…

One morning, Giz delivered a gift at 00:50, but with some luck, even in my sleep deprived state, I managed to catch said mouse, release it back into the garden, and be back in bed by 00:58. Of course, I was then wide awake for the next three hours…which didn’t help me feel better but Gizmo lay next to me purring his little head off which helped slightly!!?

You see, in our house, catching ‘livestock’ comes quite naturally now – Giz gives us plenty of opportunities to practice!?

I’m particularly proud of my achievement this evening – finding the mouse that Gizmo misplaced this morning…?!

I was rudely awoken this morning by Gizmo making repetitive scratching noises on the carpet. I knew exactly what this meant… We had another gift.

I got up to find a mouse was happily climbing the hallway curtains, whilst Gizmo watched on from below. But in my sleep deprived state, when I went to put the mouse in a box to release outdoors, Gizmo managed to sneak between us, snatch the mouse from me and launch him into the bedroom.

That was the last I saw of Mr Mouse this morning.

All day, Giz has been looking for Mr Mouse – Well, in-between naps of course…

Just as I’m deciding to go to bed for the night, I noticed Giz lying in the bathroom doorway. His gaze wasn’t fixated in any particular direction, he was just resting, with an occasional glance under the little table next to the bath.

And then I spotted it – the elusive Mr Mouse – hiding himself behind the table leg…

It must have fooled Gizmo, but thankfully I was able to evict Gizmo from the bathroom, grab my new mouse catching box and safely remove Mr Mouse from the table leg – regrettably putting him back outside into Storm Gareth after taking a photo..

Please Gizmo – no more gifts for a while – I really need some sleep!! Your daily gifts are not appreciated at the moment…so unless you can bring home useful gifts like money, chocolate or wine, please allow me to get some undisturbed sleep…?!

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