St Pirans Day 2019

For those of us living in Cornwall, today is the day to celebrate our patron saint of tin miners, Saint Piran.

I managed to find a small Cornish flag and decided to try and take some nice photos of Gizmo in the garden before the rain arrived…and to start with, Gizmo was on his best behaviour…

But it didn’t last long…!!?

Typical Gizmo behaviour – one minute, he’s this cute kitty (with an imaginary halo proudly hovering above him) and the next minute, he’s unleashing his inner devil!!?

Gizmos tension is building… His halo is starting to wear off?!

He decided to test the flag to destruction… And his halo seemingly exploded?!

(Apologies fellow Cornish folk, the following video might offend…)

The good news is that the flag survived the ordeal, but the bamboo cane didn’t…. 😹😹😹

Before St Pirans day next year, I think I need to have a chat with Giz about political correctness…?!

4 thoughts on “St Pirans Day 2019

  1. You have beautiful tulips and flowers! I know you have just visited “Snowmageddon” here on my blog. No flowers about!!! Gizmo seems to like running about in the wind, or is he the one making the wind? Didn’t know tin miners had a saint. I wonder if bloggers have a saint, and who that might be?

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  2. Thankyou ❤️ No flowers in your post but still beautiful photos! Giz was full of energy yesterday morning – I think he knew the weather was changing! Oooh, Patron Saint of bloggers… I think we need to appoint someone into that role?!

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