Bullies in the backyard…

No matter what species you are, there is always someone who will use any opportunity to take advantage of someone else…and my garden is no exception!?

Today, Gizmo was reminded that our pet ducks really are ferrocious 🤭 (and why I warn delivery drivers if they leave parcels on my back door step?!)

Gizmo isn’t the only one to be attacked by the ducks today – us humans have been beaten up too?!

*Warning – viewers may never look at cute pet ducks in the same way again*

Poor Giz is now wisely keeping his distance from the ducks (and keeping his tail clamped down) but keeping the ducks in sight so he knows where they are…

Video clip now submitted to You’ve Been Framed… 🙄

2 thoughts on “Bullies in the backyard…

  1. Poor Giz.🙀 Some days, he seems to find himself the butt of his ‘Garden Mates’ pokes🦆! You’ll get’em back Giz. They best not turn tail when you’re a foot. Turn a bouts fair play 😹!e

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  2. Thanks Paula – Giz is just too nice towards the ducks!? The Drake duck (Trevor) is ferrocious, and Gizmo doesn’t give him the respect he thinks he deserves! As a young cat, Gizmo only considered chasing the ducks once, and Trevor made him regret that decision by lowering his head and neck and charging at him – and Giz has never thought to retaliate?!


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