Gizmos 3yr ‘Gotcha’ Anniversary

I realise it’s 2.55am, but this is as good a time as any to write about having Gizmo in my life for 3 years today…

Throwback to the cute little 5month old bundle that appeared in my life to help mend my broken heart on 13th Feb 2016.

He was brought to my house by his previous humans, placed on my living room floor, and spent most of the first 48 hours hiding in the dark, under the dining room table. Such a timid little tabby…

And now look at the tree climbing superstar – full of confidence, mischief and hilarity…

We have overcome curtain climbing, shoelace theft and pancreatitis, but admittedly we are still working on wallpaper stripping…?!

He’s had his portrait proudly hung on the wall for a few months now, and thankfully, he approves!?

We recently discovered he hates snow, but in Cornwall, it’s rare to get it, so I’ve promised him it won’t be a regular inconvenience…

I wouldn’t change anything about this little fella – except perhaps his body clock settings occasionally?! Waking me up at dark o’clock each day is not ideal…!

Happy Gotcha Day Giz – I hope we have many happy fun-filled years together ❤️

8 thoughts on “Gizmos 3yr ‘Gotcha’ Anniversary

  1. Such a lovely ‘Gotcha Day’ post. You and Gizmo deserve many, many more happy years of hilarity and mischief. You give us a wonderful peek into your ‘Life as a human servant of Gizmo’.

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