The return of the SQUIRREL…

I think it’s fair to say, Gizmo is not a happy kitty at the moment. Not only did he have some kind of trauma recently, but then we had snow (which he hated) and today he has witnessed a pesky squirrel come back to his garden!!

Don’t get me wrong, Gizmos Human likes squirrels. But Gizmo doesn’t. He is fascinated by them, but seems keen on chasing them too!!

I spotted the squirrel this morning out of the kitchen window, as he was happily munching on the bird food we left on the bird table.

As soon as I said the word SQUIRREL, Gizmo was frantically on the window ledge, looking out the window…

And just to make Giz REALLY angry, the squirrel knew he was being watched, but still carried on munching! Brazen little dude!!

Gizmos tail was twitching; he was visibly cursing this squirrel as he paced along the inside of the window ledge.

Eventually the squirrel had his fill, and bounced off the bird table and down the garden, before scrambling up another tree and launching himself into my neighbours hedge.

I decided to let Gizmo outside at this point, but he didn’t bother going after the squirrel. He knew he’d missed his chance – this time!

I’m sure the squirrel will be back…!! And when he does, Gizmo will be waiting…

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