Thank goodness for cats…

Oh it’s been a hideous week. Not only was Gizmo very upset after his trauma last week, but his human has had an equally stressful week – filled with job insecurity, car problems and financial misery… (Gizmo seems fine now, by the way…)

But this has all lead to me deciding something major has to change. So to chill out, I took a trip down memory lane and compiled a file full of Gizmo photos – the funny, the cute and the ugly!!

The more I look back on the past 4 years (well it’s about 3 weeks off being 4 years) I realise how much Giz has changed…

Only from looking back through the photos of him did I notice that as a kitten, his eyes were amber…and now, they are green. Has anyone else noticed this with their kitties?!

One friend told me about a cat she looks after whose eyes seem to change colour between amber and green… And I wondered if kitties have an inbuilt mood ring that adjust the eye colour or is Gizmo more weird than I thought?! 😹

Either way, I love him just the way he is… Even if his early morning wake up calls are pretty irritating when I’m trying to sleep?!!

5 thoughts on “Thank goodness for cats…

  1. I do love reading about Gizmo’s endeavours and your observations Leanne. Interesting topic re eye colour changes although it has to be noted that certain eye colour changes can be signs of eye and general health issues. Always get checked out if at all worried. Iridology is a fascinating subject in humans. It appears that so much about our health can be seen in the eyes. Gizmo’s eyes are so beautiful. I too find solace looking through all the pictures I have taken of the lovely animals I have cared for. When finances take a nose dive and the parking and driving fines come through the door those visual memories uplift the spirits and bring me inspiration, diverting my attention to better days. I am so glad that Gizmo has done that for you Leanne. Spring will soon be here. More glorious sun filled days of happy hacking and Gizmo will be basking with his green eyes fixed upon his feathered friends x

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