Please cross your paws for Gizmo… ❤️

Gizmo isn’t himself today. He was full of mischief this morning, and then he went outside to play…

When he came home, he looked like a drowned cat – he was literally saturated, but obviously scared as his tail was puffed right up. It has taken me all day to get him warm and dry, and convince him to eat something.

I’ve given him a hot water bottle too, and he has been curled up on my bed, resting.

I can only guess that he has been scared or chased by someone/something and fell in some water somewhere….

Poor little dude, I hope he gets some rest and feels much better soon. Please cross your paws for him… I hope he is causing mischief again very soon. X

10 thoughts on “Please cross your paws for Gizmo… ❤️

  1. Purrayers and POTP for Gizmo. Could he have gone across some ice on a pond that wasn’t thick enough to hold him. So glad he got himself home to you !

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  2. Thankyou, yes that’s possible 👍 Poor little guy was very traumatized by it all, and very cold but touch wood, he’s eating and drinking now and I even got a very brief purr… ❤️


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