Oh my, doesn’t time fly!!

Blimey, I’ve just realised I didn’t blog about our Christmas?! Gizmo (thankfully) left the Christmas tree in one piece this year, but it did get nibbled and pawed a few times…?!

Christmas day was a quiet one – apart from the hilarity of watching Gizmo tear into his gift and open it all by himself…there were bits of schredded wrapping paper EVERYWHERE! To see the video, got to Gizmos Instagram page (@kittyupthecurt1). He got a lovely gingerbread man from Santa (courtesy of FreakMeowt) and Giz was delighted with it!

This year, I decided to make Gizmo his own box and decorations that he could destroy – hopefully taking the focus off the Christmas tree?! I’m pleased to say it worked!!

Oh, and I almost forgot – Giz brought us a gift on Christmas day morning, and the only reason we knew about it is because when I got up to make a coffee, gizmo was staring under the oven?!

Gizmo found new year quite unsettling this year, so thankfully I plugged in the Pet Remedy diffuser and it helped to keep him calm during the fireworks.

I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and New year…it flew by way too quickly…

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