Christmas Chaos…?!

As I write this, I’m lying in bed, with Gizmo purring at my feet. As much as I’d like to think he will stay on my bed all night, I think he will wait until I’m asleep before getting off my bed and going into the living room type to unleash chaos…

You see, according to Gizmo, today has NOT been a normal day. Today, he witnessed the annual event of extra boxes and packages appear from the loft, and shiny items get hung up in the living room. These fascinating things all need careful Gizmo investigation – probably under the cover of darkness. (Apologies to friends and family if the string on your gift bag is chewed/freyed/tattered…Gizmo insists on helping me wrap…)

In other words, today, the humans put up the Christmas decorations… And overnight I fear Gizmo will rearrange them to his chosen style!?

Last year, his ‘redecoration’ was pretty minimal (see above photo), so I think he approved of the humans attempt at organising the decorations, but will we be so lucky this year?! Will he approve? Or will he feel the need to intervene…?

As I was putting them up, he stayed nearby – sniffing every box, chewing ever rope handle, chasing each bit of tinsel before it went on the tree….but as for the tree itself, he has left it alone?!

His cat tree and associated decorations, however, were thoroughly checked out… Yes, his stocking has been hung on his tree…

But like I say, so far – decorations are still where I left them, and the Christmas tree is still standing…?!

Either Gizmo has; 1) ‘Grown up’ and no longer feels the urge to murder the shiny baubles, 2) He’s not feeling well or 3) He’s lulling me into a false sense of security, and overnight he will put each and every decoration through rigourous testing… I guess I will find out tomorrow!!?

Good luck vintage Christmas tree – I hope you survive the next 10 days in one piece…

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