Gizmos ‘Purr-fect’ Portrait…

As regular readers will know, Gizmo is quite a character. He’s always up to something; it’s usually hilarious but always naughty?!

I’d been thinking of getting an artist to paint Gizmo for quite a long time, but I wanted to find the right person – For this portrait, I didn’t just want a ‘pretty’ cat painting; I wanted someone who could translate Gizmos quirks onto paper and show him for the handsome but charasmatic kitty he is.

Well, as I’m sure you will agree, I found exactly the right person, and I was lucky enough to get the finished piece this week, in time for Christmas!! I had tears of happiness when I hung it on the wall last night…

Huge thanks to Tamsin from ‘Higgledy Ink‘ who was brilliant at understanding Gizmos antics before putting brush to paper and creating this stunning painting of my special guy!

I can’t recommend Tamsin enough! If you are looking to capture the charisma of your pet on canvas, get in touch with Tamsin on facebook, twitter, Instagram and on her website!

Gizmos portrait is now hung on the wall, above his cat tree… Where we can all admire it including Gizmo himself!! ❤️

I am already making plans with other artists to produce some ‘Gizmo Goodies’ – so you may be seeing Gizmo merchandise in 2019! (And if you are an artist, and want to get involved, ping me a message and we can discuss options!)

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