Neighbours: Are you missing a shoelace?!

A few days ago, I found myself apologising to my neighbours… I found a shoelace in my kitchen one morning, and it doesn’t belong to any member of my household?!

It’s quite a distinctive shoelace; black, with a knot in the middle and tattered chewed ends, but I fear the chewed ends may be Gizmos fault, so apologies in advance to whichever neighbour it belongs to?!

A few days on, and the shoelace mystery is still unsolved unclaimed! If the owner comes forward, I’m happy to return (what’s left) of this shoe lace, and I will even buy you a new pair of laces to apologise for Gizmos theft and destruction…

Im not encouraging Gizmos behaviour in any way, but a shoelace makes a welcome change from the usual ‘live’ gifts he delivers?!

At least the shoelace doesn’t hide behind my fridge, or chew through electric cables…

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