My ‘special’ birthday gifts…?!

A few days ago, it was my birthday. I turned 31, and to me, it was just another day. Nothing special. Yes, the postman delivered slightly more mail than usual, and thankfully no bills arrived through the post that day, but basically, I didn’t celebrate. I made no special plans, and wasn’t expecting anything. I did receive a beautiful bunch of flowers from a lovely friend – just one of the lovely gifts which made my day!

Gizmo must have sensed that I was keeping my expectations low, but he wanted to try and make my birthday memorable, bless him.

Well, it was memorable, but not in the way most people would appreciate?!

Firstly, he woke me just after 4am with a combination of squeaks, purrs and taps to my head, before throwing himself on my face – I can’t decide if he was trying to suffocate me or get me up, but neither of these goals were achieved! After 10mins of attempting to get some kind of response, he gave up and let me go back to sleep.

At 7am when I finally decided to get up, I found out why he was so keen to get me up during the night. He had delivered TWO mice outside my bedroom door. Unusually, both these mice were dead – totally intact, but very much dead. Not Gizmos usual state of gift?!

Anyway, these two ‘gifts’ were disposed of, and we moved on with our day. I was away all day visiting friends, but when I got home in the evening, Dad mentioned that Giz had brought yet another gift home for me during the day, but it wasn’t a ‘normal Gizmo gift’.

Oh no, I thought. I dreaded hearing what this last gift was, and even now, it’s still puzzling me slightly…

Gizmo delivered a leaf. Yep, that’s right; a leaf. For him to bring this home, it must have been a special leaf, or was it the ‘gift wrap’ on another rodent gift I wondered?! If it was, I still haven’t discovered the mystery rodent so let’s hope he’s taken to bringing leaves home shall we?! They would be much easier to get rid of on a regular basis?! Leaves wouldn’t hide behind furniture, or chew through wires. Leaves aren’t known to take three adults to catch them, and leaves don’t hide under the cooker?!

I live in hope that Gizmos leaf collection continues to expand, and the rodent population stay outside my house?! I have verbally requested this to him, but then again, Gizmo doesn’t listen to a word I say…apart from meal times?!

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